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What is window tinting ?


Our full line of XPEL window film can assist with any and all heat/UV rejection and glare reduction issues you’ve encountered. 

We have all types of shades available for you. From 5% to 70%, standard film, ceramic film, and premium ceramic film for different levels of performance. We carry the full line of Xpel window films. Prime XR plus, Prime XR, and Prime CS.

Why we should invest in window tinting ?

The following are some of the many advantages that window tinting brings

Avoid exposure to UV rays.

According to research, window tinting may block up to 99 percent of UV rays, which are hazardous to the eyes and cause dark skin, age spots, and even skin cancer. Investing in window tinting to protect yourself from these threats is a wise investment. Besides, your car’s interior will also be more protected and durable due to protection from UV rays.

Heat resistance and insulation.

Window tinting reduces heat from the sun, resolving the issue of sunlight through the glass. Your car will be cooler for longer, making it more comfortable for you and everyone else inside.

Increase your privacy

Window tinting allows people inside the car to enjoy a private area without being viewed outside. Some varieties of window tinting will enable the car’s passengers to see plainly out the window, but persons on the outside cannot see in.

Our Windows Tinting Packages


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For the first 7 days after bonding, owners should restrict their use of glass cleaning solutions that impair sticker adherence. – Avoid high speed movement so that the film has time to cling securely to the glass surface. – Restrict raising/lowering window glass to avoid the corners of window tint being dislodged when there is too much friction.

A typical window tint will last for roughly five years. This is merely an estimate because it is influenced by various factors such as the environment, the frequency with which vehicles are used, and so on.

The average time necessary to apply the film for 2 or 4 automobile doors is around 2h-2.5h (including cleaning and drying time). Some varieties of window tint may take longer to install, while others may be completed in an hour or less, depending on the installer’s competence and size of the vehicle.

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