Auto Detailing



At Your Location

Comprehensive wash/vac $150
Mini detail $250


Vehicle Drop-off Required

Standard full detail $450
Comprehensive full detail $750
Rehab full detail $1,250


Engine detail $75-$150
Headlight restoration $150
Trim re-dye $250-$500

What is it?

Our detail services are all full service, meaning all surfaces are touched in each package.

Our maintenance details are designed to be used every 1-3 months as a quarterly means to car care.

Our full details, annual or biannual details are meant to take care of neglected cars that are rough around the edges.

What does it come with?

Our maintenance details include either a 2 or 3 hour wash and vac comprehensive cleaning service. While our full details include a 6-10-12 hour wash wax and shampoo.

How long does it take?

Our maintenance details can be had mobile at your choice of location and typically we’ll occupy your vehicle for 2-3 hours. Our full details require being dropped off at our shop and will stay for 2-3 days pending its condition.

What else should I know?

Well maintained cars receive maintenance details, neglected cars receive full details. We do provide hard pricing, but we fit each car with an appropriate package based on its condition.

Here’s what it looks like…