Paint Correction

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is the process of restoring and refining the clarity and reflection of paintwork on a vehicle. Through a process that can involve clay barring, hand-machine sanding, rotary – dual action polishing. In combination of different sandpapers, different polishing actions, different polishing pads, and different paint compounds – polishes.

Environmental fallout such as bird droppings, hard water spots, and acid rain can not only adhere to the surface but also penetrate the surface. These types of contaminants can leave stains, and etchings behind in the paint work undetected by touch but highly distinguished by the eye.

Improper vehicle care or untrained detailers who “buff” cars can leave behind micro-scratches, buffer trails, holograms, or even micro marring. These types of defects in the paint can create a haze, and greatly hinder the reflectivity of all painted surfaces. Although the paintwork may feel clean and slick to the touch it’s distortion of reflections is easily noticed when examined in the correct lighting situations.

When all factors including paint type, paint thickness, desired correction rate, and current paint condition are all accounted for. Proper cleaning, decontamination, sanding techniques, machine, pad, and product combo can take care of just about anything. For additional questions or details on our paint correction & restoration services in the Palm Harbor area, visit our contact page today or give us a call!

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SUV’s / Truck’s






Single stage paint systems will require a pad surcharge


Black Pillars


Certain paint systems recommend an additional refinement step


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