Paint Correction at First Class Detailing Palm Harbor, FL: Preserve the Car's Paint

Scratches are the harshest factors when it comes to cars. Now we have Paint Correction to eliminate the imperfections on the clear coat. Paint Correction at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, enhances the vehicle’s appearance!

How can we define Paint Correction?


Paint Correction is repairing flaws in a vehicle’s finish and restoring it to like new condition. These faults include swirl marks, automated vehicle wash marring, fine scratches and etched bird droppings. Paint Correction is using machine polishers, different compounds, and graded pads, a fully corrected car will only show exact reflections when viewed in direct sunlight, with no swirl marks, scratches, or faults visible to the naked eye. It consists of multiple steps to preserve the car’s paintwork and give it a shiny, sleek finish.

Why should we get a Paint Correction for the vehicle?

Paint correction can also extend the life of your vehicle’s paint job. The restoration technique and sealants will help your factory paint last longer and protect it from the elements. If a professional automotive paint correction follows proper care practices, your paintwork will shine like new even longer. A chipped and dull surface makes selling your car more challenging and getting the price you deserve. Your automobile can appear as good as it did when new! At trade in or if sellin private, you most likely will get a higher price.

We offer services for all range of vehicles


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With the advancements in clear coat refinishing or better known as paint correction. We have processes to restore optimal clarity into your clear coat.


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Light oxidation can be removed with our 1 step correction process, while heavy oxidation can be removed with our 2 step process. If it looks like your clear coat may be failing or is beyond oxidized, our marine srvice package options will have precisely what your boat needs. We offer three packages for marine: Top and Bottom, Top only, and Bottom only.


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Most RV maintenance is done with brush washing. Over time this can create issues in the overall clarity of the clear coat. After repeated washing, the brush marks become apparent. Our 1, 2, 3 step process can resolve any clear coat damage caused by improper RV cleaning. We preserve the paintwork by offering multiple packages such as Overall Length, Front Cap, Front Face, Rear options for your RV paint correction.


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With all the curvatures and harsh angles on a motorcycle, they tend to hold a lot of dirt and debris. Making it extremely difficult to detail a motorcycle without leaving behind light scratching or swirling. Thankfully we’ve approached motorcycle paint correction the same way we’ve approached car paint correction many years of training and experiance mean you can trust in us to deliver exactly what you expect from you paint correction on your motorbike. Paint Correction for Motorcycles at Palm Harbor, FL, provides Cruisers and Sports Bikes.

Our Paint Correction Packages



Yes. A gritty substance called a cutting compound is employed in the polishing process. The compound liquid or paste is evenly spread across the vehicle’s painted surface then a electric polisher evenly spreads while cutting into the clear coat. Before attempting to remove a scratch that has deeply cut the clear coat, seek help from a professional detailer.

There are various reasons why a simple one step process can take anywhere from 5 to 30 hours, depending on the complexity and state of the vehicle. It depends on how many scratches your vehicle has, and then we can determine how many stages we need for Paint Correction

Only a stage 1 fix should be required for 90% of new automobiles. However, a small percentage of automobiles will require far more thorough polishing due to dealership damage or demanding paintwork that is either too soft or too firm. After the process is complete and the paintwork is clear of swirls and scratches, a coating is placed on top of the paintwork to provide the car with actual long term protection. It guarantees that the automobile looks excellent, and we frequently tell our clients that this is how their car should have appeared upon delivery, only better and noticeably different.