Remove Stains With Overspray Removal At First Class Detailing, FL.

Overspray is caused by the mist created while spraying paint, which settles on vehicles, causing stains. Overspray can happen due to several reasons, ranging from construction in the local area, a bad repair job or even an industrial building being painted down the street! Overspray removal is a service which corrects this type of damage and restores your vehicle to its previous condition.

What is it?

Overspray is simply a paint particulate that has drifted and landed onto your car. This can be caused from many things. Bad repair job, neighbors house being painted, driveway being sealed, industrial building being painted down the street.

What does it come with?

Overspray removal is an exterior only service. We approach these jobs in 3 different grades of difficulty ranging from chemical removal, to mechanical removal and even a hybrid approach.

Turnaround Time?

Overspray removal can be as little as 2-3 hours or as many as 2-3 days. It just depends on the severity, the effected sqft, the saturation rate and the paint type.

Special Note:

Often times this is usually caused from a 3rd party and requires compensation from whoever caused the damage. We require that the car be paid in full before it leaves our shop. We require a $50 fee for a quote to be written.

Our Overspray Removal Packages

Overspray Removal
Basic $500
Intermediate $1,000
Advanced $1,500

Frequently Asked Questions

How long Does Overspray Removal take?
Overspray Removal is a process of eliminating chemicals that often takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the condition of the contaminents on your car. The Clay Bar is the most vital tool for cleaning impurities from non-porous surfaces like paint, glass, and trims.
Will paint overspray damage my vehicle?
We’ve seen overspray remain on the paint for an extended period and still be able to remove it with the right processes.
Can you remove overspray from any parts of the vehicle?
Yes, we have removed overspray from interiors, but we are much more cautious when it comes to interiors since it might harm your inside leather, panels, or plastic, so let us take care of that. We can remove from outer glass, wheels, and trim come and see us we can solve your overspary issues.


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