Clear Bra
Paint Protection Film

Partial Nose

Front Bumper, Partial Hood and Partial Front Fenders, Mirrors

Small/Basic $1,250
Medium/Intermediate $1,500
Large/Advanced $1,750

Full Nose

Front Bumper, Full Hood and Full Front Fenders, Mirrors

Small/Basic $2,000
Medium/Intermediate $2,000
Large/Advanced $2,250

Track Pack

Front and Rear Bumper, Full Hood, Full Front and Rear Fenders, Mirrors, A-Pillars and Rocker Panels.

Small/Basic $2,500
Medium/Intermediate $3,000
Large/Advanced $3,500

Full Body

Every Exposed Painted Surface

Small/Basic $6,000
Medium/Intermediate $8,000
Large/Advanced $12,000


Clear Plex $650
Custom fashion bra +25%
Hand cut / Bulk install +25%
Badge replacement $250-$500
Disassembly Call for pricing
Door jambs Call for pricing
Misc repair / Panel replacement Call for pricing
Removal Call for pricing

What is it?

Say hello to the absolute superior form of protection for your vehicle. Rock chips, swirls, oxidation and hazing are all warrantied against with our film.

Wrap your car in clear bra and save the stress of the inevitable wear and tear from being induced into your clear coat.

What does it come with?

All clear bra installs come with an exterior decontamination detail for proper install / adhesion. All installs are done with modified patterns, wrapped edges and notched corners for proper coverage and longevity.

If you’re looking for custom patterns and 100% complete coverage there’s an additional 25% fee for hand cutting and the install time will take 1-2 days longer. Our film provides a 5 year warranty.

How long does it take?

These projects can take anywhere from 2-7 business days for turnaround. In custom cases we will ask to hold onto the car for 10 business days.

What else should I know?

We recommend you don’t wash your car for at least a week after our install. We also recommend that you use us for your first maintenance wash after the install so we can have a post install check up to assure everything dried and adhered properly.

Paint Protection Film/
Clear Bra Appointment

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