What is Overspray? How to Remove It?

Overspray occurs when any form of paint, varnish, or stain, is unintentionally sprayed on your vehicle. This can be due to improper use of paint, wind, or incorrect air pressure. Overspray can significantly decrease the quality of your vehicles paint job and decrease its overall value. Sometimes overspray is a result of chemical fallout.

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There are a few different ways to remove overspray:

Clay Bar

The most common way to remove overspray is to use a clay bar. The clay bar can be used on the body of your vehicle as well as the windows. Clay bars can also be used to remove grease and dead insects. To remove overspray with a clay bar, first, you need to lubricate the surface. Use either auto body cleaner or soap and water to spray the area being cleaned. Next, in a back-and-forth- motion,  use the clay bar to scrub off the overspray.

Razor Blade

This method removes overspray by scraping off the excess paint with a razor blade. While this can remove the paint, it could also potentially damage the vehicle’s paint job if done incorrectly.

Oil/ Solvent Soak

Removing overspray with oils or solvents is another method that works, but often works best when the paint is fresh. Petroleum or wax is applied to the area and allowed to soak, then wiped to remove damage caused by overspray.

Overspray can be unsightly and difficult to remove, depending on the substance and the size of the surface affected. To properly remove overspray, it is best to consult a professional car detailing service. 

First Class Detailing specializes in the maintenance of luxury vehicles in Tampa Bay, Belleair, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Crystal Beach, and surrounding areas. Our certified technicians also service boats, RV’s, motorcycles, and trailers. If you want professional overspray removal services, check out our overspray removal page for rates!

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