Superior Window Tint At First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL.

The continual assault of UV rays amplified by your vehicle’s windows produces a sauna effect, making it difficult to keep the interior of your car cool during the hot summer months. The solution for vehicle owners is to have our professionals tint their windows. First Class Detailing’s window tinting services are an excellent solution to this common problem.

What is it?

Standard window tint is directed towards privacy. Ceramic window tint provides a good amount of heat rejection. Our premium window tint provides the maximum amount of heat rejection. All of our lines of film are in the black hue color range.

What does it come with?

All tint installs can be as dark or as light as you’d like in all 3 of our categories. Our film comes with a lifetime warranty against peeling, cracking, delaminating or discoloring.

Turnaround Time?

All tint projects take 1-2 business days. We do recommend that you purchase a mini detail $250 or comprehensive wash vac $150 or bring the car in to us clean, that way your tint install comes out as clean as possible.

Special Note:

The number 1 complaint we have is that the customer didn’t go dark enough. This is the sunshine state, it’s hot and bright. If you need a Dr’s note for your windshield or darker than legal tint we suggest you see your dermatologist or optometrist.

All tint installs require 3 days of drying / curing. During this time we ask that you do not roll your windows down.

Our Window Tinting Packages

Small $150
Medium $250
Large $350
Standard Film
Windshield $150
2 Door $300
4 Door $350
Small SUV $400
Large SUV $450
Ceramic Film
Windshield $250
2 Door $600
4 Door $700
Small SUV $800
Large SUV $900
Premium Film
Windshield $350
2 Door $1,000
4 Door $700
Small SUV $1,250
Large SUV $900

Frequently Asked Questions

How to extend the life of Window Tinting?
For the first 7 days after bonding, owners should restrict their use of glass cleaning solutions that impair sticker adherence. – Avoid high speed movement so that the film has time to cling securely to the glass surface. – Restrict raising/lowering window glass to avoid the corners of window tint being dislodged when there is too much friction.
How many years does car window tint last?
A typical window tint will last for roughly five years. This is merely an estimate because it is influenced by various factors such as the environment, the frequency with which vehicles are used, and so on.
How long does it take to install window tint on a car?
The average time necessary to apply the film for 2 or 4 automobile doors is around 2h-2.5h (including cleaning and drying time). Some varieties of window tint may take longer to install, while others may be completed in an hour or less, depending on the installer’s competence and size of the vehicle.


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