Pasco County, FL

Best Auto Detailing Services in Pasco County, FL

First Class Detailing specializes in vehicle care that transforms your car, truck, boat, or RV to have it looking its best. Under the guidance of our founder, Anthony Santiago, we’ve grown from a passionate endeavor into a premier detailing powerhouse, servicing over 75,000 high-end appointments. At First Class Detailing, we don’t just clean your vehicle; we correct, protect, and maintain it with the highest standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Premier Mobile Detailing and Paint Correction Services in Pasco County

Our mobile detailing service brings the best of First Class Detailing directly to you. Whether you’re at home or at work, our team can provide top-tier detailing on your schedule. This convenience comes without any compromise on quality, ensuring every inch of your vehicle shines perfectly. Mobile Detailing isn’t just about cleaning; it’s a comprehensive care program that includes our expert paint correction process, which meticulously removes imperfections and restores your vehicle’s paint to its original splendor.

Advanced Protection: From Vinyl Wraps to Ceramic Coatings

In addition to restoring your vehicle’s beauty, we also have services to protect it going forward. For example, our vinyl wraps offer both aesthetic enhancements and paint protection, allowing you to customize your vehicle’s look while shielding it from wear and tear. For those looking to add a personal touch or corporate branding, wraps are an ideal solution.

We also specialize in window tints and ceramic coatings, providing you with options that extend beyond aesthetics to functional benefits. Window tints keep your vehicle cooler and protect the interior from UV damage, while ceramic coatings offer a hydrophobic surface that makes cleaning easier and preserves your paint against environmental contaminants. Our paint protection film (commonly known as Clear Bra) is another cornerstone of our protective services, safeguarding your vehicle’s most vulnerable areas from scratches, chips, and stains.

Maintain: Keeping Your Vehicle First-Class

Our dedication to your vehicle doesn’t end after initial services. We offer customized maintenance plans, including weekly, biweekly, or monthly mobile maintenance programs, designed to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. Regular upkeep is key to extending the life and beauty of the detailing work, ensuring that your vehicle always looks its best.

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