Hillsborough County, FL

Have Your Vehicle Looking its Best With First Class Detailing in Hillsborough County, FL

In Hillsborough County, First Class Detailing provides elite vehicle detailing and maintenance services. We have a detail-oriented approach to car care, emphasizing the need to correct, protect, and maintain every vehicle, be it a luxurious car, a sturdy truck, a lavish boat, or a spacious RV. As proof of the quality of our services, we’ve taken over 75,000 appointments since our inception in 2008.

Auto Detailing Services in Hillsborough County

We serve the following cities in Hillsborough County:


At First Class Detailing, we offer an array of specialized services in these areas to cater to every aspect of vehicle care, such as:

Mobile Detailing – We’ll Come to You For Vehicle Maintenance!

Understanding the busy schedules of our clients in Hillsborough County, our mobile detailing service ensures you don’t have to compromise on your vehicle’s upkeep. Whether at your home or office, we bring our top-notch services directly to you, equipped to handle cars, trucks, boats, and RVs with the utmost precision.

Superior Protection Techniques to Extend Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

Our paint protection and film and ceramic coating services are designed to shield your vehicle from environmental hazards and wear and tear. The Clear Bra installation helps guard against scratches and dents, while our premium ceramic coatings add a layer of durable shine, enhancing your vehicle’s aesthetic and longevity.

Customize Your Vehicle with Vinyl Wraps and Window Tints

Embrace individuality with our Vinyl Wraps that offer a total transformation or subtle accents to personalize your vehicle. Complementing this, our window tinting services will provide you increased privacy, all while protecting the interior of your car and keeping it cooler from the hot Florida sun.

We’re not just about the aesthetics; we dive deep into the anatomy of your vehicle to ensure every inch reflects perfection. Our commitment to quality and your satisfaction drives us to stay ahead of the curve, continuously updating our techniques and equipment to serve you better.

For more information or for a free auto detailing quote in Hillsborough County, contact us today.