The Best Dry Ice Cleaning Service At First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL.

If you want to remove imperfections on a car’s paint without damaging the surfaces, wheels or undercarriages, dry ice cleaning at First Class Detailing is the most effective way to do it!

What is it?

Dry ice cleaning is the most effective and efficient way to clean any surface. It’s delicate enough for the vintage vehicles, it’s strong enough to remove years of cosmoline build up on undercarriages.

What does it come with?

You name it, we can clean it. Interiors, exteriors , stubborn brakes, wheel wells or undercarriages.

Turnaround time?

This is an hourly service and there’s no set completion times for such requests.

Special notes:

This is for the true car connoisseur, prices and expectations are above the normal. 

Our Dry Ice Cleaning Packages

Dry Ice Cleaning


If you want to find the most professional service provider for dry ice cleaning, look no further than First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL. Our team is always up to date with the new techniques to make your vehicle look at its best. Book an appointment with First Class Detailing via our phone number at +1 727-403-7831 or take your vehicle to 612 Florida Ave Unit B, Palm Harbor, FL 34683, United States to get high end dry ice cleaning services!