Does Paint Correction Remove The Clear Coat?

Paint correction eliminates these imperfections in the car’s paint, which preserves the car’s luster in pristine condition. Suppose we polish the clear coat many times, will it remove the clear coat? Let’s find out the answer with First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL!

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Is Paint Correction worth it for your vehicle? Lets look at some important benefits.

Reduce scratches

Water, chemicals, grime, and contaminants erode the paintwork over time. This can lead to corrosion and rust, among other costly difficulties. Consequently, minor scratches will be removed and protected by a paint repair.

Make the vehicle shine like new.

After buffing, the paint will recover its lustrous, wet aspect. Your vehicle will seem newer, younger, brighter, and more colorful.

Increase the value of your automobile

Defective automotive paint damages the looks and, more crucially, the vehicle’s value. When we do paint correction for your car, it is like bringing the paint back to life; it has a shiny aspect, and fresh paint increases the vehicle’s worth.

Is the clear coat removed during paint correction?

Yes. A cutting compound, a granular material, is employed in the polishing procedure. When you use an electric polisher, the polish liquid or paste is evenly dispersed over the car’s painted surface, causing friction to cut through the transparent layer. Polishers are available in various grit levels; some are designed to fill a scratch, while others remove the clear until the scratch is gone.

How Much Does Paint Correction Cost?

Paint correction is a time-consuming process that should only be performed by a detailer who has the necessary skills and expertise. Some factors influence the price of paint repair.

The state of the car

Paint correction on a new vehicle will require less work than paint correction on an old car with years of paint damage.

The size of the vehicle

The larger the vehicle. The higher the cost of paint repair, the more time, chemicals, and pads are required.

Customer expectations

There is a considerable difference between resolving 95 percent of the vehicle’s defects and removing 65 percent of the vehicle’s flaws. Consequently, before determining your paint refinement charge, we need to grasp our customer’s requirements.

Should We Correct the Paint Before Applying a Ceramic Coating?

Everything is dependent on the condition of the car’s paint. Regardless of the composition or application method, the function of a ceramic coating is to adhere to the surface and produce an invisible protective layer. When the coating hardens, it becomes transparent and behaves similarly to glass. As a result, the paint beneath is magnified and shinier.

A gloss finish seems glossier, whereas a matte finish adds depth. Any slight or difficult-to-see scratches are accentuated. Any swirl markings will be seen, not disguised. 

Where can you get Paint Correction in Palm Harbor, FL?

First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, offers state of the art products to preserve your car’s paint in the best possible condition. Here are the paint correction packages available at First Class Detailing!


  • 1 Step: 5 hours of machine labor results in a 50% correction rate.
  • 2 Step: 10 hours of machine work results in a 75% rectification rate.
  • 3 Step: A 90 percent rectification rate is obtained after 20 hours of machine labor.
  • 4 Step: 30 hours of machine labor results in a 99 percent accuracy rate.


  • Top and bottom
  • Top only
  • Bottom only


  • Overall length
  • Front face
  • Front cap
  • Rear


  • Cruisers
  • Sport Bikes

Paint Correction at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, is the perfect service for your vehicle! Our skilled crew is passionate about paint correction and will make your automobile appear fantastic. To make an appointment, please call (727) 403-7831. We can’t wait to assist in restoring your vehicle to its former glory!

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