Auto Ceramic Coating

Environmental fallout, acid rain, bird droppings – all very corrosive to paint. Now there’s an option for you to have a sacrificial layer of clear coat applied to your cars finish.

Instead of exposing your vehicle’s finish to the dangers of environmental fall out, have it ceramic coated so the coating takes the abuse rather than your cars actual finish.

Ceramic coatings are the best way to provide major protection to any and all surfaces on your vehicle. We can ceramic coat your glass, clear coat, plastic, vinyl, wheels, and even your brake calipers.

So good bye to wax and say yellow to ceramic coatings! The future of vehicle protection is finally here.

A man spraying a black muscle car.
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Exterior Coating

2 Year

1 layer of high solids


5 Year

2 layers of high solids


10 Year

4 layers of hard solids


Interior Coating

2 Seater

4 Seater

3rd Row









A la carte


Caliper prep and coating



All glass surfaces


Wheels On

Wheel faces, wheels stay on the car


Wheels Off

Wheel faces and wheel barrels. Wheels are removed and mounted


Hubs Painted

Custom hub color options


Engine Bay

Engine bay coated


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