Auto Paint Correction

Improper weekly washing can leave light swirling, hazing, or marring instilled into your clear coat.

With the advancements in clear coat refinishing or better know as paint correction. We have one, two, and three step processes to restore optimal clarity back into your clear coat.

The hood of a vehicle before and after paint polishing

From heavy compounding, to light polishing, to refinement we can assure 50% – 100% correction rates throughout our packaging.

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1 Step

5 hours of machine work yields 50% correction rate


2 Step

10 hours of machine work yields 75% correction rate


3 Step

20 hours of machine work yields a 90% correction rate


4 Step

30 hours of machine work yields a 99% correction rate





Black pillars

A,B,C,D plastic pillars


Chrome Polishing


Scratch/ Airbrush Repair

$100/hr + paint cost

Panel Correction

$100/ hr

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