Vinyl Wraps for Your Luxury Vehicle

A vinyl wrap is a collection of decals that are placed over the body panels of a vehicle and can be used in a multitude of ways. They can be decorative, used to promote a business, or just serve as a new car color. There are a variety of design options that include graphics, matte finishes, glossy colors, custom artwork, and more.

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Why wrap your vehicle

Vinyl wraps also have a faster turnaround time than a typical paint job. Painting your vehicle may take up to two weeks, depending on the specifics, while vinyl wraps may only take a few days.

Vinyl Wrap Maintenance

Maintenance can differ depending on the specific vehicle wrap.

No matter what kind of vinyl wrap your vehicle has, you should never put it through an automatic car wash. Automatic car washes have abrasive brushes that can scratch and cause damage to the wrap. It is always best to hand was wrapped vehicles with soft brushes and a detergent made specifically for vinyl wraps. Do not use rough scrubbing action or abrasive tools, as this will damage the film.

When your vehicle is not in use, it is best to keep it in a garage or under an awning to protect the wrap. Over time the sun’s rays can fade the wrap. You should also try to park in shaded areas, if possible.
As you drive your vehicle, dirt and debris can begin to accumulate on the exterior. Be sure to wipe down your vehicle periodically to remove this dirt. If left in the exposed sun, it can heat up the wrap and absorb the dirt.

How Long Does Vinyl Wrap Last?

When a vehicle is wrapped with a high-quality vinyl wrap and properly maintained, it can last up to 10 years. Before getting your car wrapped, it is best to get it professionally detailed to remove any imperfections. A wrap has to be adhered to a clean and dent-free car for optimal performance.
You can extend the lifetime of your vinyl wrap by adding a protective layer of ceramic coating. The ceramic coating helps to further seal the vinyl wrap and protects it from scratches and other debris from the environment.

Here are some of the benefits of vinyl wrapping your vehicle:

Advertise your business – Whether you will be strictly using the vehicle for your business or just want to attach a business card to the side of your personal vehicle- a vinyl wrap can significantly increase public knowledge through this advertisement.
It’s not permanent – It can be simple to try a new color or look on your car for a few years and then get a completely new wrap or return to the paint job underneath the wrap. Because vinyl wrap can be removed, it is great for vehicles that may be resold. Specialized paint jobs have a lower resale value while a vinyl wrap can maintain the original paint job.
Paint protection – High-quality vinyl wrap can protect your vehicle’s paint job from scratches, sun exposure, and overspray. When removed, it does not leave any residue, which leaves your vehicle looking its best.
Lower Costs – A custom vinyl wrap is a high-quality solution that comes at a lower cost than custom paint jobs.
First Class Detailing specializes in the maintenance of luxury vehicles in Tampa Bay, Belleair, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Crystal Beach, and surrounding areas. Our certified technicians also service boats, RV’s, motorcycles, and trailers. If you are interested in vinyl wrap application for your vehicle, check out our Vinyl Wraps page for pricing!

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