The Benefits of Wet Sanding Your Vehicle

Wet sanding is one of the most effective ways to remove imperfections on the car’s paint! Does wet sanding damage the car’s paint? Let’s find out the answer with First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL!

how to manual wet sanding First Class Detailing Palm Harbor FL

Why should you consider wet sanding?

Eliminate Deep Scratches

Wet-sanding your car is an excellent technique to remove deep scratches and dirt that may have landed on a new paint job. Wet-sanding is also quite good at removing “orange-peel” effects from a new paint job and may completely change the look of your vehicle.

Even Out New Paint

Sometimes fresh paint needs a few touch-ups, and a wet sanding process is an excellent approach to even out new paint. This method, which is frequently employed by professional car detailers, will bring your vehicles look to perfect condition.

When is it appropriate to have wet sanding done?

When your vehicle’s finish is dull, wet sanding can be utilized to restore it. It aids in the removal of microscopic scratches and defects in the clear coat that is not individually noticeable but can cause the original shine to lose its luster.

Which sandpaper is best for wet sanding?

We suggest starting with 1,000-grit sandpaper. Coarser paper works faster, but the time saved will be eaten up when it comes time to remove the sanding marks. Finer paper, say 1,500, makes finer sanding lines simpler to erase, but the task is much more time consuming.

Will wet sanding remove the clear coat?

It is the most successful of the three methods for flattening the clear coat, but it is also the most dangerous. Wet sanding is a rough method that quickly removes the transparent finish. 

Our wet sanding packages at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL

At First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, we offer multiple wet sanding packages for automobile, marine, and RV.

Wet sanding for automobile

Wet sanding flattens paint, resulting in more sharp, undistorted reflections. We have three distinct packages to fit your demands and the state of your vehicle. It consists of softening, flattening, and leveling.

Wet sanding for marine

First Class Detailing also assists with Marine. Wet sanding is the most effective and safest way to repair clear coat loss. We’ve refined our procedure over the years to guarantee that we remove enough clear coats using sandpaper to get exceptional results. In comparison, keeping enough clear coat ensures that your marine has enough life remaining to withstand your weekend getaways. 

First Class Detailing offers three Marine Wet Sanding options. It is determined by the state of your boat and the packages you select, which include Top and Bottom, Top Only, and Bottom Only.

Wet sanding for RV

Wet sanding an RV is a massive undertaking. First Class detailing can take on these sorts of services due to our staffs experience in the industry. We take pleasure in being specialists in all areas of our professions.

Wet sanding at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, is an excellent method for removing scratches, swirl marks, and oxidation from your vehicle’s finish. Our professionals employ cutting-edge wet sanding technology to restore your vehicle’s appearance. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. Call us at 727-403-7831 to make an appointment now!

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