Should You Tint Your Windshield?

Window tinting is a great solution for reducing glare and enhancing your privacy. However, before applying window tint, we should make sure we are properly informed about window tinting for the windshield. Should we install it? How long does it take to apply? Let’s find the answers with First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL. in this article. Let’s get started!

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Should We Install Window Tinting On Your Windshield?

The answer is yes. Here are some of the benefits of installing window tinting for your vehicle.

Reduced solar heat

Tinted windshields may block 45 to 50 percent of solar heat from entering a vehicle. Limiting infrared light from entering the car makes the car’s interior more comfortable. It reduces the need for air conditioning, reduces the strain on the vehicle’s components, and improves fuel efficiency.

Decrease glare

Tinting windshields have the remarkable ability to reduce glare when driving. Some hues are almost transparent while still preventing sunlight from blinding the driver. Window tint reduces glare by up to 30 percent and significantly impacts the effects of driving in the sun on your commute.

Block Ultraviolet rays

Windshield tinting can block 99 percent of harmful UV rays from entering a car. UV radiation has been associated with several adverse health impacts. Maintaining your and your passengers’ health requires blocking as many of the sun’s rays as possible. UV rays can also damage the inside plastics and leather of your vehicle. Reducing UV radiation will extend the life of your automobile’s upholstery.

How To Install A Windshield Tint?

Here is the procedure for tinting a windshield window. The step-by-step applications should be followed to ensure the correct application.

Automobile Preparation

Applying a soap and water solution generously to the windshield’s surface and drying it with a low-lint cloth can remove dust or pollutants.

Preparing the Film

  • Spray the solution onto the windshield’s front.
  • Align the strip with one of the windshield’s edges.
  • While spraying the tinted strip with the solution, slowly unroll it onto the windshield outside.
  • Use a razor or specialized knife to trim the strip to the required length.
  • Utilize the heat gun to heat shrink the strip and insert it into the window’s interior.

Application of the Windshield Tint

Utilize the spray bottle to sprinkle the air, your fingertips, and the inside of the windshield. Carefully pull the liner from one corner without totally removing it.

How Long Does Window Tinting Take To Dry?

During the summer, the sun will help in curing (or drying) your vehicle’s window tint within two to four days. However, if you have this treatment during the winter, you may have to wait up to four weeks for your car’s window tint to dry properly.

No matter how long it takes for the window tint to cure, you should not wash your automobile immediately. It may impede the drying process and cause the window bubbles to remain even longer. However, you may expedite the drying process by parking your car in bright sunshine or, if it is snowing or raining, in a garage.

First Class Detailing offers the highest quality window tinting services available. Our workforce comprises specialists with a robust understanding of car detailing and a great deal of experience.

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