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Are you annoyed by these imperfections on the paintwork? Do you want to eliminate scratches, dust, and tar but do not want to affect the clear coat? First Class Detailing is the best place to take care of your automobile. We have a professional staff that uses the most cutting edge procedures available. Call us at (727) 403-7831 to schedule your appointment with us today!

First Class Detailing Palm Harbor, FL, comprises eight detailing services with Ceramic Coating, Mobile Detailing, Vinyl Wraps, Wet Sanding, Window Tinting, Paint Correction, Clear Bra, and Overspray Removal.

window tint service in Palm Harbor, FL at First Class Detailing

First Class Detailing understands that the roads we love to travel on don’t always return the favor since they include a variety of impurities that might hinder our car from looking its best. It is critical to keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

We provide our customers with five star detailing services, and we ensure that we focus on exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

We are a high end detailing company that offers excellent service, materials, and customer care. We try to be your most acceptable option for automobile detailing in the beautiful community of Palm Harbor, FL!

First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, is your local expert detailingbusiness with various packages and Mobile Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction, Window Tinting, Clear Bra, Overspray Removal, Wet Sanding, and Vinyl Wraps. We use the latest techniques and a professional crew to enhance the car’s overall look. Schedule your time with us right now!

First Class Detailing is your car protection specialist. We have a extremely experianced team of detailers eager to help you!

First Class Detailing is ready to serve you with the best car care services in town! Call us for an appointment at (727) 403-7831!

First Class Detailing Palm Harbor, FL

Palm Harbor is an unincorporated town and census-designated place in Pinellas County, Florida, United States, located north of downtown St. Petersburg and West Tampa. Downtown Palm Harbor is home to several small stores and restaurants and a few historic structures. This historic institution, which Pinellas County formerly owned, lacked the money to remain operating. The chapel, which is now handled by the District’s parks and recreation department, has been renovated and serves as a venue for numerous banquets, weddings, and other special events. The banquet venue erected next to the chapel, Harbor Hall, also functions as a banquet and meeting place.

Mobile Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, is the ideal solution for people who are always on the go. With just one wash, vacuum, and wipe down, it can make your vehicle appear brand new!
The ceramic coating on your vehicle will protect it from UV rays and other damage from the environment. It also improves the appearance of the outside and can extend the life of the car’s paint!
Window tinting for vehicles helps keep your car warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It also reduces glare and improves sight. First Class Detailing is an excellent location for your your window tint needs!
Vinyl Wraps at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, are a elegant way to personalize your vehicle without breaking the budget. They are available in various colors to complement any car style or color preference!
Corrosion can be caused by chemicals, contaminants, and grime that accumulate in scratches. Paint Correction removes minor scratches, protects the paint from any potentially hazardous exterior sources, and lends a fresh sheen to the paint.
Paint protection film is an excellent technique to preserve and maintain the appearance of your car’s exterior. It will protect the car’s appearance from fading and help to keep any nasty outside elements from hurting the paint.
Overspray removal for vehiclesmay be used to remove extra material from your cars paint that just wont come off with a wash.
Wet Sanding is a systematic method of completing vehicle paintwork flaws. It’s efficient at eliminating any rough spots or defects in the paintwork.


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