Paint Protection Film at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL: The Ultimate Vehicle Protection.

When you drive your car regularly, it is difficult to avoid encountering obstacles that cause scratches and discoloration. The best solution to that problem is to use paint protection film (PPF) as a protective layer on the car’s exterior paint to ensure aesthetics, give the paint a longer lifespan and keeping your vehicle clean will be so much easier.

Paint Protection Film (PPF): How Can It Help?


By wrapping the entire vehicle in paint protection film, it won’t allow any debris or UV rays to wear and destroy the clear coat. Whether it’s a high dollar paint job, a highly valuable collectors car, or a track monster that you want to keep pristine, there is one answer and one answer only for the most effective form of vehicle protection, and that is clear bra. We use Suntek and Xpel films for our clear bra installs. Both lines of the film carry 10 year warranty with no yellowing. Our installs are computer cut for precise fitment, seamless installs, and wrapped edges.

What are the benefits of PPF?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an excellent way to protect your paintwork. It also has a lot of other advantages, including

Almost impenetrable

PPF is a transparent film applied on the surface of your car so that it does not affect the color of the paint, allowing you to maintain the original shine and ensure the vehicle keeps its luxury looks despite the application of an incredibly strong protective coating.

Wise investment

Because paint protection film (PPF) is incredibly durable and may last up to ten years, it is an excellent way to save money on maintenance. This installation will safeguard your car and help to retain its value.

Environmental friendliness

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is made up of environmentally friendly materials without any toxic or dangerous compounds, so it will not affect the car's original paint color.

We offer services for all range of vehicles


Depending on the customer’s demands, Clear Bra at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL offers three significant packages: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, including services like Partial Nose, Full Nose, Track Pack, and Full Body.


We use Suntek and Xpel brands of clear bra. Both films are warrantied up to 10 years. Our patterns are plotted, and all edges are wrapped. We provide a range of alternative service packages for RV Clear Bra to give our customers additional options, depending on their budget and vehicle condition.

Auto Clear Bra Packages

RV Clear Bra Package

RV paint-protection-film-ppf-first-class-detailing-palm-harbor-fl



 To avoid the film edges peeling off, do not wash the car for 48 hours after having the film applied. To extend the life of your PPF, keep it out of direct sunlight and away from potentially corrosive objects.

Yes. This is a method for automobile owners to save money. Instead of applying all over the vehicle, car owners can pick some of the most commonly affected areas for covering, such as car mirrors, hoods, front bumpers etc.

The method of installation will differ. Much is dependent on the level of coverage and the car in question. It usually takes a few hours to a whole day, Large wraps might take longer to complete.