Paint Leveling

What is paint leveling?

When paint is sprayed, naturally it bonds to the surface with a texture. A texture best described as orange peel, looking bumpy, or rough. There are a number of variables that can magnify the orange peel effect; from paint color, to panel size, to how flat a panel is. Nozzle size, nozzle pattern, paint mix, PSI at the nozzle, or poor atomization, can all play a part in orange peel. Although orange peel is inevitable, paint leveling is the process in which that “bumpy texture” is removed.

The degree of the spoken paint work usually dictates the amount of orange peel being left behind. As long as there are adequate amounts of clear coat to be worked with, a flat surface can be achieved through our leveling process.

Sanding through the grits of 800 – 1,000 – 2,000, – 3,000 – 5,000 both by hand, by block, and by dual action followed by our paint correction process will result in nothing short of a flat, reflective, leveled surface.

Keep your car paint at its optimal level with our paint leveling & touch up services. Contact us today for details!

Damp sanding:
A combination of dual action, blocking, and hand sanding techniques are used
800 gritstarting at $600 and up
1,000 gritstarting at $600 and up
1,500 gritstarting at $600 and up
2,000 gritstarting at $600 and up
3,000 gritstarting at $600 and up
5,000 gritstarting at $600 and up
Followed by a 3 step correction with a variety of rotary, and dual action machines.
3 step Compoundingstarting at $800 and up
2 step Polishingstarting at $400 and up
1 step Refiningstarting at $200 and up