Auto Overspray Removal

A black luxury vehicle affected by overspray contamination

Have you been effected by the most recent upgrade or remodel in your neighborhood or place of work?

It’s extremely difficult to contain or prevent overspray contamination from happening while painting a house or building. Fortunately your contractor has an option to resolve with us.

Over the years we’ve encountered any and all types of overspray on vehicles and have developed several procedures to remove any type of overspray regardless of the origin or chemical composition of the said paint.

What once used to be an insurance claim due to the degree of difficulty to remove, is now a 1-2 day appointment at our shop.

Overspray Removal Pricing


Water Based / Latex Based / Consumer Grade Paint

starting at $250


Oil Based / Solvent Based Acrylic / Contractor Grade Paint

starting at $500

Advanced Removal

Epoxy based / Industrial Grade Paint

starting at $750

Urethane based / Xylene / Sealers / Concrete Paint / Road Paint / Paver Sealer

starting at $750


Razor Blading

starting at $250


A la carte

Overspray on Wheels

Overspray on Plastic Trim