Trailer Detailing Services

Whether you use a tractor-trailer for work, play, or transportation purposes, it’s important for you to give it the attention it needs to keep it looking and running its best. The non-clear coat finishes on most trailers can deteriorate when exposed to the elements and break down. First Class Detailing provides you with everything from a full service wash for tractor-trailers to trailer detailing services to prolong the life of your trailer. Choose to either bring your trailer to First Class Detailing’s shop in Palm Harbor, FL or schedule mobile tractor trailer detailing in Pinellas, Pasco, or Hillsborough Counties to get your tractor-trailer completely clean.

With more than 10 years of experience with trailer detailing, First Class Detailing is equipped to provide a long list of trailer detailing services to truck owners throughout the Palm Harbor, FL area. From a basic full-service wash for tractors-trailers following a long haul to year-round maintenance packages, First Class Detailing can set you up with the services you need to care for your truck. First Class Detailing also customizes any tractor trailer detailing packages with special “add ons” designed to preserve your tractor-trailer’s paint job and help avoid having to repaint or even replace your truck sooner than you should.

First Class Detailing understands what a hassle it can be to bring a truck into a shop to be detailed as soon as you get back from a long road trip. It’s why First Class Detailing offers mobile trailer detailing services to make it as easy as possible for you to clean and detail your truck. The qualified and experienced technicians from First Class Detailing will come to any location in the Palm Harbor or Tampa, FL area to work on your truck while you go about your normal business.

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Trailer Detailing Pricing



Wash wax




Decontamination + Wax


Decontamination + Gloss Enhancement





Mold Removal


Heavy Prep


A la carte

Aluminum Polishing


Paint Correction

Full Service Wash Wax 1 Step

Light Oxidation Removal


Full Service Wash Wax 2 Step

Moderate Oxidation Removal


Full Service Wash Wax 3 Step

Heavy Oxidation Removal



Metal Polishing


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