Marine Detailing Services

Buying a boat likely required a big investment on your part. So, why not protect your investment at all costs by taking advantage of the marine detailing services offered by First Class Detailing? Regardless of whether you have a relatively small boat or something that’s on the larger side, First Class Detailing can handle the detailing work to make sure your boat looks its best at all times. You can have First Class Detailing come out to Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach, or your local marina to do mobile marine detailing, or you can bring your boat their facility for larger, on-the-spot marine detailing projects.

Maintaining a boat can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of owning one. From doing after-use wash downs to performing quarterly and annual marine detailing services, it can be almost impossible for boat owners to keep up. First Class Detailing can help you start enjoying your boat more rather than constantly working to maintain it with marine detailing services. Their technicians can wash your boat on a weekly basis, do on the spot marine detailing every month, or come out to supply you with mobile boat detailing every few months if you want.

By allowing First Class Detailing to do marine detailing to your boat, you’ll maintain more than just the appearance of it. You’ll also maintain its value and make sure that it doesn’t go down in value dramatically at any point. Below, you’ll find the affordable prices for First Class Detailing’s marine detailing services as well as additional details on what’s included in these services.

A luxury boat sitting on a wheeled trailer
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Marine Detailing Pricing



Wash and Wax




Decontamination + Wax


Decontamination + Gloss enhancement



Loading / Unloading Compartments


Snap / Cushion Removal


Acid Washing


Excessive Rust Removal


Bimini Shampooing


Heavy Prep


Mold Removal


Docked Boats

A la Carte

Bright Work Polishing


Eisenglass Polishing


Carpet Extraction


Interior Detailing


Inboard Cleaning


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