Is Paint Protection Film Self-Healing?

Paint protection film (PPF) is composed of transparent polyurethane which makes it a great way to protect your car. PPF has “self-healing” properties, which has made it a popular choice amongst car owners over the last few years. Once applied to a vehicle’s exterior, Paint Protection Film will create a barrier from the damaging effects of the outside environment, such as birds droppings, insects, stone chips, and minor abrasions. So, what does “self-healing” mean? How does PPF actually work? In this article, First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, will answer all these questions and more, so let’s get started!

Is Paint Protection Film Self Healing First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor

What Is “Self-Healing” Paint Protection Film?

Self-healing paint protection film has a variety of layers, which are made up of polyurethane, adhesives, polyester, and a clear coat. These layers are achieved by a flexible method known as microreplication. In addition to preventing yellowing and stains, these layers preserve the car’s paint and react to heat to “heal” any surface damage.

PPF is made up of 3 main layers:

  • The first layer is an aggressive adhesive that sticks the film to the car’s surface for an extended period.
  • The second and thickest layer is polyurethane (TPU) – a flexible and elastomeric component that absorbs and mitigates the damage caused by road debris and other external pressures.
  • The third layer is a clear coat to prevent polyurethane discoloration.

How does the “self-healing” Paint Protection Film function?

Once the surface of the film is scratched or dented, the damage will be visible. However, heat will force the underlying layers to rearrange themselves molecularly, eliminating the scratch and making the area in question appear unharmed.


PPF has a particular chemical capability that renders it resistant to UV rays, preserving your vehicle’s paint. In addition, paint protection film also takes advantage of the sun’s heat to heal itself from minor scratches.

Warm water

Pouring warm water directly over the paint protection film promotes the self-healing properties of the PPF’s topcoat, causing scratches to vanish instantly.

Heat gun

A heat gun, a steamer, or a blow dryer can be effective devices to ease slight scratches and swirl marks. Direct the heating device towards the area and maintain a safe distance to prevent it from burning.

How will deep scratches heal and recover?

If the paint protection film is severely scratched and penetrated, it will not heal. The only treatment is to replace the damaged film strip. The clear coat is the self-healing layer and has a thickness of roughly 13 micrometers. The time required for a scrape to heal depends on its severity and the surrounding temperature. Minor scratches often heal at ambient temperature (72 degrees Fahrenheit) in one hour. In warmer climates, healing will occur more rapidly. The healing process may be expedited at any point by pouring warm water over the scratched area. With this process, the clear coat may self-cure an unlimited number of times. As long as the clear coat is not penetrated, the scratches will continue to heal. The clear coat may last indefinitely, depending on how well the film is maintained.

How To Maintain Paint Protection Film

To ensure that the self-healing paint protection film serves you effectively, you should maintain it correctly.

  • Wash your vehicle twice a month.
  • Avoid vehicle washing in direct sunlight.
  • Do not use an automatic car wash.
  • Immediately remove contaminants.
  • Use a neutral car wash shampoo and premium wash products.

Paint protection film is an excellent method to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape due to its self-healing abilities from minor scratches on the car’s paint. First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, is the best place for paint protection film services in the local area. Our team is dedicated to satisfying customers’ demands, providing top class customer service every single time. Get in touch with our hotline: at +1 727-403-7831 or visit us at 612 Florida Ave Unit B, Palm Harbor, FL 34683, United States.


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