How To Take Care Of Vinyl Wraps?

Vinyl wraps enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle and provide something unique for your car. But with time, vinyl wraps will fade and wear. We need something to prolong the life expectancy of your vinyl wraps. How do you maintain your vinyl wraps? Let’s explore with First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL!

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How long do vinyl wraps last?

Vinyl wraps are prone to chipping, scratching, and peeling. They can often last between one and three years. Some things that can affect the wrap are the location of the wrap determines the specific longevity, the colors chosen, how frequently the car is used, the weather, how the vehicle is stored, and more. Professionally designed and fitted car wraps will undoubtedly look better and last longer.

How do we keep Vinyl Wraps clean?

When washing a vehicle with a car wrap, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • No abrasive polishes or cutting chemicals should be used. Remove any wax or wax residue from the surface using an all-purpose cleaner.
  • When applying a cleaning solution, do not leave it to soak; instead, rinse with clear water immediately.
  • To preserve and protect the graphics, keep your wrapped car indoors, in a shady location, or under a cover. If a garage is not accessible, try using a fabric car cover at night to guard against acidic pollutants like dew or rain.

What shouldn’t we do to protect vinyl wraps?

  • Do not over-wash the car.
  • Brush-type car washes are not recommended since they can degrade the wrap and cause edges to lift or chip.
  • Carnauba-based wax should not be used on vinyl graphics.
  • To clear ice or snow, use a brush rather than a scraper.
  • Do not use high pressure to wash the car.

What can we do to eliminate bird dropping, insects, tree sap, and other difficult stains?

Remove bird droppings and tough stains as soon as possible. Allowing them to sit for an extended time can make them more difficult to remove and permanently harm the wrap. Soak the affected region in warm, soapy water for a few minutes to loosen the pollutants. Dry your vinyl wrap well with a microfiber towel. Use no oil-based solvents or cleaning chemicals!

Should we park the vehicle outdoors for the long term?

Excessive exposure to the sun or other outside factors (rain, pollution, debris, and road contaminants from passing automobiles) can deteriorate the roof, trunk lid, and hood wrap. These horizontal zones attract contaminants, which are amplified by UV radiation exposure. It should be better if you park your car in a garage or beneath a canopy or shelter. If you must leave your vehicle outside for an extended time, search for shaded parking locations.

Wrapping a car can give it that new life and it is far less expensive than a new paint job, and you can experiment with different designs. Vinyl wraps at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, offer the best Vinyl wraps ! Call us at (727) 403-7831 to schedule an appointment.

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