How Much Does It Cost To Do Paint Correction?

If you care about the beauty and durability of your vehicle, paint correction is well worth the cost. There is no better method to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd and attract serious attention – even from those who know nothing about cars. When doing paint correction, there are two crucial factors to consider: the quality and the cost. Read this article from First Class Detailing in Palm Harbord, FL, to know more about the price and how can we get benefits from paint correction!

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What Does Paint Correction Entail?

Paint correction is the process of correcting faults in the finish of a vehicle and returning it to like-new condition. Among these flaws are swirl marks, automatic car wash marring, fine scratches, water spots, and engraved bird droppings.

Machine polishers, various compounds and polishes, and graded pads are used to restore paint. No swirl marks, scratches, or other flaws will be evident to the human eye when a vehicle’s paint is flawlessly restored and examined in direct sunshine.

Paint correction consists of multiple stages which can assist you to remove these imperfections. Here are three common stages of Paint Correction.

Stage 1

It requires the use of a heavy cutting compounds and heavy cutting pads, as well as possible spot wet sanding for deeper scratches on automobiles with significant swirl marks, scratches, and other paint defects.

Using a powerful cutting compound and a large pad, the first phase consists of removing deep swirl patterns and scratches. This process will leave tiny scratches or blemishes, prompting a second stage.

Stage 2

Is ideal for automobiles with small scratches that have not completely degraded the clear coat. It also gives a gloss to simplify the final polishing phase. Following from stage 1 stage 2 reduces all marks from the deep cut preparing the surface for the final polish and shine to come through

Stage 3

The paint is polished in a single phase using a single polish and pad combination. This paint repair is appropriate for paintwork that is already in great condition, with no apparent swirls and just small flaws. Polishing the paint involves revitalizing it with finishing polish and a finishing pad to provide a lustrous gloss. This process does not, however, remove severe swirls or scratches.

How Much Is Paint Correction?

The going rate for a professional detailer to do the task is average. Numerous elements influence the determination of a price. The condition of your car’s paint, its surface area, and even its color all have an impact, (darker colors show more scratches and therefore often require more work).

Do all automobiles need paint correction?

Most people assume that a brand-new automobile do not need polishing, but in reality, brand-new automobiles need just a single level of polishing in order to shine! If a brand-new vehicle has been sitting on a lot or in a showroom for any length of time, it is likely to have swirl marks. Consequently, they must also be polished before being sold.

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Paint Correction Packages at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL.

Auto paint correction

  • 1 Step – 5 hours of machine work yields a 50% correction rate
  • 2 Step – 10 hours of machine work yields a 75% correction rate
  • 3 Step – 20 hours of machine work yields a 90% correction rate
  • 4 Step – 30 hours of machine work yields a 99% correction rate

Marine paint correction

  • Top and Bottom

Light Oxidation 1 Step

Heavy Oxidation 2 Step

  • Top Only

Light Oxidation 1 Step

Heavy Oxidation 2 Step

  • Bottom Only

Light Oxidation 1 Step

Heavy Oxidation 2 Step

RV paint correction

  • Overall length
  • Front cap
  • Front face
  • Rear

Motorcycle Paint Correction

  • Cruisers

1 Step – 50% Correction Rate

2 Step – 75% Correction Rate

3 Step – 90% Correction Rate

  • Sports Bikes

1 Step – 50% Correction Rate

2 Step – 75% Correction Rate

3 Step – 90% Correction Rate

Paint Correction at First Class Detailing is the perfect place for enhancing your investment surface. Call First Class Detailing at (727) 403-7831 to make an appointment or you can reach us at 612 Florida Avenue Unit B, Palm Harbor, FL 34683!

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