How Much Does It Cost To Ceramic Coat A Car?

Your car is gradually affected by environmental factors such as acid rain, road dust, bird droppings, etc. If you are looking at ceramic coating your car to protect the original paint but are worried about the price of ceramic coating. In this article, First Class Detailing will solve that worry for you by giving you the answer and some essential information about a ceramic coating.

best ceramic coating at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, Fl

Ceramic coating – Is it the right choice for your vehicle?

One of the best ways to protect your vehicle’s finish is to apply a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings form a durable barrier on all surfaces of your vehicle, protecting it from dirt and other environmental contaminants. In addition, ceramic coatings are highly resistant to acid rain and bird droppings, making them ideal for those living in areas with harsh weather conditions. Besides, they can also protect your vehicle’s paint from UV damage and make it easier to clean. While ceramic coatings are more expensive than regular waxing, they can save you time and money in the long run. Whether you’re looking to protect your investment or keep your car looking its best, ceramic coating is the right choice.

Is a ceramic coating too expensive?

Ceramic coatings are a popular choice for those looking to protect their car’s paintwork. But with so many brands on the market, it can be hard to know how much you should pay. In general, the price can vary based on the brand and the quality of the product. Many detail centers offer ceramic coating services, but the quality of the work can vary greatly. For example, a high-quality ceramic coating from a well-known brand may cost more than a lower-quality coating from a lesser-known brand. However, the high-quality ceramic coating will likely last longer and provide better protection for your car. As a result, you may find that the higher initial cost is worth it in the long run.

How long does ceramic coating take?

The time needed to complete a ceramic coating depends on your needs and the services chosen. If you want a brand new car coated, it will take less time than if you bring in an older car that has never been coated before. It will take time to properly prep and get a older car ready based on its condition. Rust, for example, will need to be removed before any coating can be applied. In addition, we may also offer express service options for an additional fee. We will also have different processes and timelines based on our experience and expertise.

best ceramic coating service at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, Fl

Where is the best ceramic coating service in Palm Harbor?

At First Class Detailing, we are confident that we offer the best ceramic coating service in Palm Harbor. In addition to the many years of experience and professionalism of the staff, First Class Detailing is ready to give you a variety of choices to suit your needs for ceramic coating services, including exterior coating and interior coating. You can refer to packages below:

Exterior coating

  • 2 years with 1 layer of high solids
  • 5 years with 2 layers of high solids
  • 10 years with 4 layers of hard solids

Interior coating

  • Leather, fabric: 2 seater or 4 seater or 3rd Row

A la carte

  • Calipers

Caliper prep and coating

  • Glass

All glass surfaces

  • Wheels On

Wheel faces, wheels stay on the car

  • Wheels Off

Wheel faces and wheel barrels. Wheels are removed and mounted

  • Hubs Painted

Custom hub color options

  • Engine Bay

Engine bay coated

How to contact First Class Detailing?

You can visit at 612 Florida Avenue, Palm Harbor, FL, 34683, or call us today at 727-403-7831 to quickly make an appointment and get a quote from First Class Detailing.

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