How Much Does Clear Bra (PPF) Cost?

Clear bra or paint protection film forms a layer of protection for car paint. However, the cost of paint protection film is something that many car owners have questions about. What factors affect the cost of clear bra? In this article from First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, you will learn about the benefits of clear bra and some of the factors that affect the price of installation.


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Should We Install Clear Bra?

The answer is yes. Clear bra (PPF) will increase the value of your vehicle by giving it a glossy, smooth surface! Here are some remarkable benefits of clear bra!

Prevents Fading

After being exposed to the elements, such as rain, snow, and sunlight, your automobile’s paintwork will appear dull and faded. In addition, if the car is exposed to variable quantities of sunlight, you may need to repaint it to get a uniform hue. The chemical makeup of paint protection film prevents fading because it inhibits the destructive effects of UV radiation.

Prevent Damage From Chemical Residue

Salt is laid on the roads during winter months to eliminate snow and ice. These chemicals are harsh on the paint and other components of your vehicle. They cause the paint to deteriorate and chip over time, allowing rust to form. Clear bra prevents these substances from damaging the vehicle. Additionally, it prevents acidic bird droppings, tree sap, and acid rain from causing rust. Therefore, the car maintains its appearance for longer.

Self-Healing Properties

Paint protection film has self healing qualities. Multiple layers of the film protect the paint from injury and fix superficial scratches. The protective coating reverts to its lowest energy level when exposed to heat and begins healing. Applying warm water to the damaged area or exposing it to sunlight will eliminate the superficial damage.

Provide Invisible Protection

Clear bra is made from polyurethane. It is transparent and can repair itself instantly if scratched. This invisible form of defense is completely untraceable when installed by professionals.


How Are Paint Protection Film Costs Determined?


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The cost of applying clear bra – paint protection film varies depending on the existing paint’s condition, the film’s coverage, and the installation’s complexity.


The paintwork of the car must be in outstanding condition. This will assure that the film adheres effectively to the surface and does not trap or accentuate paint imperfections. Before paint protection film may be applied, even dealership-brand new automobiles may require further preparation. Consequently, paint protection film installers must often conduct extensive preliminary work. This may involve anything from a thorough wash to machine polishing the automobile.


Paint protection film can be applied to the full vehicle, including high-risk paint regions. The cost of the service is directly proportional to the amount of film utilized. Paint protection film installers often provide car owners with three common options: partial front, complete front, and entire exposed surface.


Guidelines for Cleaning Vehicles with Clear Bra

If we adhere to the essential car-washing standards, the likelihood of your PPF lasting longer is significantly increased. The suggestions below will assist you in maintaining paint protection film.

Curing Time

Before washing a car that has just had paint protection film installed, at least 48 hours must pass. Keep in mind that fluctuations in temperature and humidity may impact the total length of time necessary for curing.

Use Specialized Car Cleaning Solutions.

When washing your car, be sure to use pH neutral car wash shampoos. Using regular household cleaning products can damage the PPF on your vehicle. 

Do not wash your vehicle in direct sunlight or when the paint is hot.

While washing a car in direct sunlight, water may evaporate quickly and leave behind wet spots. Heat can also harm the film’s topcoat, which softens to heal swirls and tiny scratches.


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Clear bra protects your car’s appearance from fading and environmental factors. First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, is a premier car care service provider with decades of experience in applying paint protection film. We have a highly trained team who are ready and waiting to protect your vehicle! Schedule your appointment by calling us at +1 727-403-7831 or come to our shop at 612 Florida Ave Unit B, Palm Harbor, FL 34683, United States.

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