How many layers of ceramic coating does a car need?

Applying a ceramic coating to an automobile is one of the most common ways to protect it from everyday wear and tear. The material preserves both your investment and whatever cosmetic improvements you’ve made. In some cases, though, numerous coats are required to improve the car’s longevity and gloss. So, how many ceramic coating layers are needed on a vehicle? Let’s find out in this blog post from the team at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL.

What is a “Ceramic Coating”?

Ceramic Coating is a clear, liquid, nano-ceramic coating. When applied, this technology will transform itself on the surface into a permanent, ridged, flexible shield. Ceramic coatings are far more durable compared to traditional wax coatings, they have a higher gloss, and provide superior protection. A ceramic coating will adhere to the car’s paintwork semi-permanently and can last many years if maintained correctly. The ceramic coating sticks firmly to the painted surface and cannot be removed using traditional procedures such as cleaning.

How Many Layers Does A Vehicle Need?

A topcoat layer and two or three ceramic coating layers are normally necessary. UV (ultraviolet) light protection is included.

This number of layers is sufficient to enhance the ceramic coating’s hydrophobic qualities. By following this simple process, you may keep dirt stains, dust particles, and other contaminants at bay. This method of layering ceramic coating also helps achieve the treatment’s characteristic shine.

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How To Maintain Ceramic Coating In The Best Possible Condition.

Use A Hand Wash Instead Of A Machine Wash.

A drive-thru car wash will destroy any vehicle covered with ceramic coating, especially one with brushes or those mop-like cloths. In seconds, these car washes will wreak havoc on a vehicle’s ceramic coating. Make sure you wash your car by hand to get the best results.

Use Ph-Neutral Car Wash

Use a pH-neutral auto shampoo that does not include any additives like wax. If you use chemicals or strong acid based washing solutions, the ceramic coating may be damaged. 

Wash Your Car In The Evening Or Early Morning.

When possible, wash your automobile in the shade for the best effects. A cloudy day, early morning, or shortly before twilight are ideal times to wash and dry your vehicle. As a precaution, the coating should be shielded from direct sunlight.

Always Utilize Hygienic Equipment And Supplies.

Whenever possible, you must thoroughly sterilize any microfiber towels, mitts, or buckets you intend to use for cleaning.

The Type of Ceramic Coating

These days there are numerous brands and types of ceramic coatings. With many different brands, there are many different levels and qualities of coatings.

Ceramic coatings can last in general from 1 to 10 years, but there are a few coatings that come with a lifetime warranty. 

There are coatings that are for paint, glass, trim, wheels, interior leather and vinyl, interior fabric, etc. All have different durability depending on what surfaces they are being applied to and what claims the manufacturers make.

Ceramic Coating Services At First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL.

If you are looking for a high-quality, thick, durable ceramic coating that can protect your car while bringing it a glossy and water-resistant surface, First Class Detailing is the place to go! 

We offer different service packages, ranging from 5-year to 7-year ceramic coating applications for paint, wheels, glass, and trim. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information. We are the right choice to take care of your vehicle’s appearance and protect it. First Class Detailing is located at 612 Florida Avenue, Unit B, Palm Harbor, Florida, 34683, in the United States and can be reached at +1 727-403-7831.

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