How Do I Remove Window Tinting?

Car windows with a tint are a fantastic feature. In addition to preventing glare, they also give privacy and elegance. Unfortunately, window tint has a shelf life, and if you do not know how to remove it correctly, you will be left with a sticky mess. This article, from First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, Florida, will explain when window tinting must be removed and the techniques we employ!

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How Do You Know When You Need To Remove Window Tint?

There are some obvious reasons you should remove the window tint.


Not only does bubbling film look terrible, but there is no way to fix it. The first inclination may be to press where it is bubbling, but this may result in an unsightly mess of adhesive and film. Positively, the bubbles result from failed glue, making it easier at removal stage.


Consider updating your window tint when it becomes a purple hue, it has to be replaced. As the tint’s capacity to shield UV rays decreases as it becomes purple, the problem is more than just cosmetic.

The Three Common Methods For Removing Window Tinting


The objective is to tint and steam the glass until the glue loses its adhesive characteristics and detaches from the glass.

Things you will require:

  • Steamer
  • Water
  • Glass polish
  • Choose a steamer that does not cause the handles to get heated. Some fabric steamers may perform well without emptying your wallet.
  • Pour water into the steamer, turn it on, and start steaming your car’s windows.
  • After a few minutes of continuous heating, the underlying glue will dissolve, and the film will peel off like cellophane.
  • Begin removing the film gently. Concentrate the steamer on the areas where the adhesive is still intact. As you peel the film, steam will escape.
  • Wipe the leftover adhesive residue with a gentle cloth and window cleaner after peeling.
window tint service in Palm Harbor, FL at First Class Detailing

Hairdryer or a heat gun

It is a simple method for removing tints with a heat gun or hair dryer. You should choose a corner to begin the procedure.

  • Keep the hairdryer at an appropriate distance, about two inches from the window, and run it on high until the glue has melted enough to pry up the edge with your fingertip.
  • As the adhesive weakens, the window film will progressively peel away between the window film and the window.
  • Using a clean cloth and your hairdryer, remove the glue by rubbing it away.
  • After removing the adhesive, wipe the automobile windows using a glass cleaner.

Window Tinting Packages At First Class Detailing In Palm Harbor, FL.

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Window tint is a great investment for protecting the upholstery, but it will not function well over time, so we need to remove the window tinting. When choosing window tinting, First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, strives to be a great partner to provide superior window tinting for car owners! Call First Class Detailing at +1 727-403-7831 for a free consultation, or you can visit us at 612 Florida Ave Unit B, Palm Harbor, FL 34683, United States, to renew your vehicle! Schedule your time now!

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