Does Paint Protection Film Last Long?

Due to exposure to the sun and other environmental factors, vehicle paint is prone to fading and peeling. Even while automobiles are engineered to endure harsh environments, it does not imply they will not degrade over time. Due to this, paint protection film has gained popularity on the market! Follow this post from First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, to find out how valuable paint protection film is and how long it lasts!

best paint protection film (ppf, clear bra) service at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, Fl

The Potential Benefits Of Paint Protection Film (PPF)!

Prevent From Fading

In addition to rain and snow, exposure to sunshine may cause fading. Moreover, if the automobile gets unequal sun, you may need to repaint it due to the various resulting hues. Due to its unique chemical features, PPF prevents fading by blocking UV rays.

Protective automobile films protect the paint against dents, swirl marks, and rock chips. Automobiles are constructed mostly of rust-prone metal, leading to many other significant issues when left in the rain.

Prevents chemical reactions from occurring.

Sand and salt are used to remove ice and snow off roadways. Unfortunately, the chemicals are abrasive to your car’s paint job and other components. They eventually will deteriorate your cars paint and that allows rust to form. PPF protects the automobile against harmful toxic agents. In addition, it resists deterioration caused by acidic bird droppings or acid rain. Consequently, the vehicle maintains its like new appearance for longer.

Self-Healing Characteristics

Self-healing qualities exist in paint protection film. Multiple layers in the film protect car paint and cure surface-level damage. It avoids deterioration with a urethane covering that is resistant to light scratches. Self-healing paint protection film protects the paintwork when exposed to heat. Minor scratches on the car’s exterior will thus mend if you wash it with warm water or leave it in the direct sunlight.

How Long Does PPF Last?

Paint Protection Film is a sacrificial layer between the film and the clear coat. Before investing in PPF, you must comprehend the product’s duration. The actual lifespan of PPF is between 5 and 7 years, depending on driving circumstances, wear & tear, and maintenance practices. Over time, the Self-Healing properties will decline. This is normal wear and tear which is why maintenance is so important.

The most significant influences on PPF longevity

The preparation before PPF installation

Preparing for the installation of a PPF application is the most time consuming and critical aspect of the procedure. Nothing else counts if the detailers who apply your PPF do not do the preparation phase correctly. 

The application.

Once our detailers have correctly prepared the vehicle, the paint protection film can then be applied. The application is complex and demanding, our expert detailers must avoid bubbles, wrinkles, or folds. Experience is essential at this point. Our detailers are confident in handling any assignment due to their significant experience.

Environment-related elements.

The purpose of paint protection film is to absorb the damage instead of transferring it to the car’s paint. PPF provides great protection against environmental variables such as UV radiation, road grime, salt, and acidic bird droppings, but it will ultimately degrade. The lifetime of your PPF depends on how much abuse it endures.

paint protection film (ppf, clear bra) service at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, Fl

How To Keep Paint Protection Film In The Best Condition Possible?

Consider using paint protection film to protect your vehicle’s paint against road hazards while preserving its quality. Regardless of the paint protection film applied to your automobile, it is vital to maintain this costly investment.

Do not touch the film after it has been applied.

The protective layer might take many days (at least 48 hours) to settle and solidify. 

Do not wash the vehicle after installation.

Do not wash your vehicle during the film’s applying and curing phases. It is recommended to avoid driving for several days if possible.

Use only premium cleaning supplies.

Use a high-quality car wash soap as opposed to a low-quality one. It may include high compounds that dissolve the coating or ruin the surface. Consider shampoos that contain lubricants. Ensure that the microfiber mitt you select is designed specifically for car washing.

Automobile paint protection film from First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, is an essential investment to protect your vehicle’s finish. In addition, paint protection film is of superior quality and durability, which increases a vehicle’s resale value! Call us at +1 727-403-7831, or you can visit us at 612 Florida Ave Unit B, Palm Harbor, FL 34683, US.

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