Can You Wash A Ceramic Coated Car?

Our car is not only an indispensable means of transportation for us, but it is also considered an asset of each person. Most people want to protect them in the best possible way. One of those ways, typically, is a ceramic coating for cars. However, after ceramic coating, many people do not know whether they can wash their car or not. Is washing the car often beneficial or harmful? In this article, First Class Detailing will answer those worries and give you valuable information about the ceramic coating.

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What is a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution put to the outside of a vehicle to protect it against damage from the elements. It’s usually done by hand and mixes in with your car’s paint, providing a layer of protection with numerous advantages.

How often do you wash a ceramic-coated car?

Some drivers have questions about whether they can wash their car after having a ceramic coating applied. The answer is yes. You can wash your car. Washing your car is essential for maintaining the coating’s protection and keeping your car looking great. According to experts, you should wash your car every 1-2 weeks to have the best appearance. However, washing a ceramic coated car is not as simple as spraying it down and wiping it off – when you have a ceramic coating on your vehicle, you should know some notes to properly wash your car and make sure that the coating stays intact and looks good for years to come.

Some tips for maintaining the ceramic coating

Do not wash your car within seven days after ceramic coating.

You need to let the ceramic layer have time to solidify completely. Therefore, you should not wash your car within seven days after ceramic coating. It allows the coating to fully cure to your vehicle’s surface.

Do not wash your car under direct sunlight.

Washing the car in the sun will cause the soap layers and water to dry quickly, leaving stains on the ceramic surface. Over time, it will not be easy to clean your ceramic layer. Instead, you should wash your car in the early morning or evening or preferably in a shaded place.

Use pH neutral shampoo.

You should use soaps with a neutral pH, not too strong. If it is too detergent, it will destroy the ceramic coating on your car quickly in a short time.

Use microfiber cloths

To avoid accidentally leaving scratches and swirls on the ceramic surface during the drying process, you should use microfiber cloths. It is a special fabric it is super fine, and has excellent water absorption. It helps speed up the drying process without leaving any damage to the paintwork of the car or the ceramic coating.

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What ceramic coating packages are there at First Class Detailing?

Exterior coating

  • 2 years with 1 layer of high solids
  • 5 years with 2 layers of high solids
  • 10 years with 4 layers of hard solids

Interior coating

  • Leather, fabric: 2 seater or 4 seater or 3rd Row

A la carte

  • Calipers

Caliper prep and coating

  • Glass

All glass surfaces

  • Wheels On

Wheel faces, wheels stay on the car

  • Wheels Off

Wheel faces and wheel barrels. Wheels are removed and mounted

  • Hubs Painted

Custom hub color options

  • Engine Bay

Engine bay coated

How to contact First Class Detailing?

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