Can You Remove Clear Bra?

Clear bra or paint protection film effectively protects your car’s paintwork from scratches, minor abrasions, and other damage. However, after some time, the paint protection layer will become worn and no longer be as effective as it once was. Can we remove paint protection film? This article from First Class Detailing will give you the answer!

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Why should we remove a clear bra?

We can remove the clear bra if it is no longer effective or shows signs of deterioration. In general, a peeling film is a solid indication that you should change your PPF. Here are some common signs of deterioration:


PPF is notorious for yellowing in its last stages. This yellowing happens after prolonged exposure to sunshine and weather factors. It is usually more evident in automobiles that are brightly colored or white. The discoloration makes your car appear less appealing.


These areas are subjected to the most intense direct solar exposure and UV radiation. The exposure deteriorates the film and causes it to fracture. If you do not remove the film promptly, this wear might potentially harm your paint.

Road Damage

If you reside on a long gravel road or drive your car for a long distance, the film may suffer some cosmetic damage. 

What is the procedure for removing PPF aka clear bra?

  • Avoid just pulling the film off like a page from a book. Instead, locate where the automobile and protective film are the most separated. From there, you may begin the peeling process. Park your car outdoors to warm up the surface and simplify film removal.
  • Do not use the heat gun or blow dryer if the film readily peels off. However, if the film comes off in pieces, you may need a heat gun or a blow dryer to remove it faster.
  • Utilize a heat gun or a blow dryer on the peeled-off area for a minute or two. Keep the gun or dryer 8 to 12 inches away from it to avoid burning the film. It is also critical to use extreme caution when utilizing such heating instruments.
  • Once the film has been removed, use a small quantity of professional adhesive remover to remove the sticky residue. Rub and wipe the affected areas, reapplying the solution as necessary.
  • After removing any remaining glue, dry the area with a microfiber towel.

Clear Bra at First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL.

First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, uses Suntek and Xpel films for our clear bra installations. Both film have a 10-year guarantee against yellowing. Our installations are computer cut for accurate fitting, smooth installation, and wrapped edges.

We offer three packages that meet our customer’s needs.

  • Partial nose
  • Full nose
  • Trackpack
  • Full body

At First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL, we employ the highest paint protection films to deliver the best results. Bring your vehicle to First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor to enjoy the finest service! You can also call us at 727-403-7831 to make a reservation! 

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