Can You Pressure Wash A Ceramic Coated Car?

A ceramic coating is a protective barrier that protects the car’s paint from environmental factors. How can we maintain ceramic coating in pristine condition? How many ways to wash ceramic coated cars are there? We will give you our expert opinions from First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL in the article!

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Will Pressure Washing Damage Ceramic Coating?

A pressure washer is not only safe to use on a vehicle with a ceramic coating, but it is also encouraged. A pressure washer lets you take advantage of the coating’s capacity to clean itself by eliminating the bulk of pollutants from the surface without touching it.

Using a foam cannon with a pressure washer is also a significant advantage for two reasons. We add additional soap to the vehicle, enhancing the surface’s lubricity and minimizing the likelihood of surface scratching.

How Should You Wash Your Ceramic Coating?

There are two ways to wash a vehicle with a ceramic coating: with a pressure washer or two buckets, or you may use both. A pH-neutral solution that does not include wax and a ceramic coating maintenance spray would be required to keep the coating in excellent condition and extend its lifespan.

Pressure Wash

  • Step 1: Park the automobile out of direct sunlight and wash it when it is not very hot.

When washing a vehicle with ceramic coating, the sun’s heat might cause the car wash shampoo to dry too rapidly, leaving behind streaks and water spots. 

  • Step 2: Using a Pressure Washer, pre-rinse the automobile.

The most effective approach for pre-rinsing would be to proceed from the top down. It would prevent dirt and debris from recoating previously cleaned areas.

  • Step 3: Preparing the Snow Foam Solution in the Foam Cannon

Take your foam cannon and fill it with the amount of snow foam shampoo specified per the product’s instructions. Then, fill the foam cannon with water until it is full.

  • Step 4: Attach the Foam Cannon to the Power Washer and apply the Snow Foam Shampoo.

To connect the foam cannon to the pressure washer:

  • Draw back the sleeve on the wand and insert it into the quick-connect connection on the foam cannon.
  • Spray the whole automobile with the snow foam solution, beginning at the top and proceeding in straight lines.
  • Leave the snow foam solution on the vehicle’s surface for about 2 minutes to dislodge dirt and grime.
  • Step 5: Rinse away the Snow Foam solution and any contaminants

Finally, use a pressure washer to remove the solution and pollutants from the vehicle. 

  • Step 6: Use a Air blower or microfiber towel to dry the vehicle.

Water spots may develop on a car’s paint if water is allowed to lie on its surface, particularly in the sun’s heat.

Although ceramic coating helps eliminate water spots, it is not entirely resistant to water stains. Therefore, water spots may still occur, particularly if your water supply has a high mineral concentration.

Either an air blower or pressurized air may be used to expedite the drying process. You may also dry the automobile with a microfiber cloth.

  • Step 7: Apply a Ceramic Coating Maintenance Spray

The ceramic coating maintenance spray application would rely on the product instructions. Some may be applied while the automobile is still wet and function as a drying agent, but others must be used after the car has been dried.

ceramic coating service in Palm Harbor, FL, First Class Detailing

The Two Bucket Method

  • Step 1: Park in a location away from the heat of the sun.

When washing a vehicle with ceramic coating, the sun’s heat might cause the car wash shampoo to dry too rapidly, leaving behind streaks and wet stains. Therefore, you must park your vehicle out of direct sunshine. Wash your automobile when it is not too hot, such as early in the morning. Alternatively, do it at sunset, in the evening, or on a foggy day.

  • Step 2: Pre-rinse Your Vehicle With a Power Washer or Garden Hose

The easiest technique to pre-rinse a vehicle begins with the roof and then goes to the lower sections. It prevents dirt and debris from recoating previously cleaned areas.

  • Step 3: Wash the Car’s Body Using Soap and Water Buckets and a Wash Mitt

It is advised to employ the two-bucket approach while washing by hand. It is the safest way to clean a vehicle with a ceramic coating, preventing scratches and producing the best results without swirl marks. 

Utilize grit shields in the buckets to prevent debris from adhering to the wash mitt. To avoid swirl marks on the surface, wash the vehicle from the top down and in a single direction.

Use a separate wash mitt and buckets while cleaning the wheels and sills since carbon deposits and brake dust would collect in them.

  • Step 4: Rinse the Auto

The automobile would be rinsed in the same manner that it was pre-rinsed. Beginning with the roof and down to the lower levels.

  • Step 5: Dry the Vehicle

Do not let water accumulate on the surface, as it will generate damp patches when sun exposure, especially if your water source has high mineral content.

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