3 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Paint Correction

Paint correction will eliminate ugly imperfections and restore your vehicle’s glossy shine. It takes many hours to correct the paint properly. So maybe you are wondering, how much does a paint correction service cost? What factors affect the cost of paint correction? Let’s find out with First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, FL!

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How Much Does Paint Correction Cost?

A skilled paint correction treatment can eliminate ugly flaws and restore your vehicle’s gloss. In addition to removing abrasions and minor swirl marks, a paint correction service will level your car’s clear coat, giving it a flawless mirror finish.

Paint correction may also prolong the life of a vehicle’s paint finish. The correction procedure and sealer or ceramic coating will aid in protecting your factory paint from the weather and extending its lifespan. After a professional automotive paint correction, appropriate maintenance measures extend the life of the paintwork.

Paint correction is time consuming and requires a detailer with the necessary education and skills. Several variables influence the price of paint correction.

  • Condition of the car: Paint correction on a brand new vehicle will need less effort than on an older vehicle with years of paint damage.
  • The size of the vehicle. The greater the cost of paint correction, the more time, chemicals, and pads are required.
  • From the customer’s perspective, there is a considerable difference between eradicating 95 percent and 65 percent of the vehicle’s defects. Therefore, before establishing the cost of paint correction, we must first comprehend our customers’ requirements.

How Many Stages Of Paint Correction?

The paint correction steps are determined mainly by the condition of the clear coat.

Stage 1

It is a three step method for automobiles with severe swirl marks, marring, or other paint defects. Utilizing a heavy cutting compound, a machine polisher, and polishing pads, the paint is first sliced into.

Stage 2

Stage 2 is the following phase. The coat has minor to medium swirl marks and scratches embedded in the clear coat. At this stage, we will experiment with various combinations of polishes and pads to attain the optimum finish.

Stage 3

This one should be self-explanatory. A single step polishing process requires a cutting compound (or liquid polish) and a pad. The single stage paint correction is intended to eliminate minor blemishing and swirl marks. It typically takes four hours.

How Long Does Paint Correction Take?

This really depends and there are several reasons why it may range from 5 hours for a basic one step process to 30 hours for a far more complex multi step procedure. We offer over 90 different products, pads, and equipment combinations to ensure that the work is done the first time correctly. Before walking around the automobile, we will do a few test areas to ensure we get the desired results.

Should Paint Correction Be Conducted Before Ceramic Coating Application?
It depends on the condition of the automobile’s paint. Regardless of composition or application technique, the purpose of a ceramic coating is to adhere to the surface and produce an invisible protective layer when applied. When the coating gets brittle, it becomes transparent and behaves like glass. The underlying paint is intensified and becomes more glossy as a consequence.

If you want to maintain your automobile for many years, paint correction will help it remain in excellent shape. Combining paint correction services with ceramic coating or paint protection film may make a vehicle look new and glossy. First Class Detailing in Palm Harbor, Florida is an excellent choice for paint correction, and our skilled experts have a stellar record for customer service. Make an appointment by calling +1 727-403-7831 or bringing your vehicle to 612 Florida Ave Unit B, Palm Harbor, Florida 34683, United States.

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